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A Tribute to Mohammad Adeem and Hobby Lobby

Writing this article gives me a great opportunity to recall  some precious memories from days gone by and place on record the immense contribution of Mohammad Adeem and his business called Hobby Lobby.

Having a Pilot as a father, I was drawn to aeromodelling from a very young age, and I was building Keil Kraft balsa gliders and rubber powered models covered with tissue and dope. I am sure these terms would sound so alien to the modelers of today. Some flights would not last more than a minute, but I can still recall the thrill watching them get airborne for those brief moments. subsequently I got into control line flying when my father got me a Mercury Marvin powered by a Davis Charlton 1.5cc diesel engine, popularly known as DC Sabre 1.5cc with a red head. The progress to RC flying was limited due to issues of scarcity in supplies and equipment. a successful outcome in itself was always gratifying.

The mid-seventies saw a young man appear on the scene with immense passion and a desire to introduce and promote this wonderful but niche hobby in Pakistan. even today I can recollect the excitement of my first visit to Hobby Lobby in Fortress Stadium Lahore. the very thought that Pakistan would now have a dedicated aeromodelling shop was the impetus that was needed at the time. It enabled many, like myself, to continue this hobby.

Promotion of Aeromodelling in Pakistan has been Adeem’s passion and dream for which he has worked tirelessly. the fraternity of aero modelers here can never truly comprehend the hurdles Adeem overcame during his long journey in this business. out of steadfastness, belief and pure hard work he has grown Hobby Lobby into what it is today.

When I watch aero modelers now, old and young alike, flying 3D aerobatics with planes powered by 100cc and above engines, Turbine powered scale jets and electric marvels at the field, it gives me an immense pleasure to see the advances made in our hobby. It is also a great pleasure to see Hobby Lobby’s progress under the management of  Adeem’s eldest son Moeed, whose endeavors will expand the business here and abroad.

So my dear friend Adeem, as a pioneer I salute you. Now get up and take a bow.

Capt. Sarwat Hussain Retd. P.I.A.C

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