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My interaction with Aeromodelling and Aero modelers started somewhere back in 1974-75 when my father brought me a Cox PT 19 control line model with full starting kit(That included a wrench a can of fuel, glow clip and a extra glow head for Cox 0.049) engine. My second model was a Cox F-15 same setup and a Foam glider at that time I think my father bought that from Toys R US from Ft. Wayne Indiana. When the glow plugs on the engines blew off I stopped for a while waiting for my father to visit US or any of his business associates coming to Pakistan to bring me Glow Heads for Cox engines
It was in 7 Sept 76 when the Airforce day was celebrated however it was not celebrated on a big scale and it was not open for all only invited guests and dignitaries. One of my uncle got me the pass cause of his association with Army and I went there cause on the card it was also written for the timing for Aeromodelling show too. That was the first time that I had interaction with most of the Aero modelers like Mr. Adeem, Falie Antiha, Shapoor Manakge, Ejaz Fakieer, Raja Sabri Khan, H.M. Habib, Mehlie Dinshaw and few others who use to fly from Korangi at that time. I got the information about the shop and otherstuff from the people who were flying there at that time. That shop was behind current Panorama Centre in Karachi owned by a Parsi gentleman. I use to fascinate about the stuff available there Guillows rubber powered

By the end of 1976 my father went to Japan and from there he brought me my first R/C kit which was a PILOT High wing trainer built-up wing with blue shrink film and red molded fuselage. The R/C system was 4 channel Airtronics mode 2. Followed the instructions and completed the model and now the hunt for fuel for the O.S 10FSR started. I went to the shop which I already had mentioned and the gentleman said that a new shop have opened in Panorama center and they will be able to help me for fuel. I went there and WOW yes WOW the engines available comparing that to 0.049 and 10FSR a 60 was big for me. That was the time that I properly met Mr. Adeem, Capt Sarwat and Capt. Sohrab too. I told them that need fuel and they asked me technical questions which were way over my head however being so friendly and cooperative they told me that they use to fly in Malier an abandoned airfield from WW II era and told me to be there on Sunday. Guided me how to reach there somehow could not make it cause the driver was not available to come on SUNDAY to take me there. Monday afternoon I went there again to apologies to them after my school cause I use to study in CANTT PUBLIC SCHOOL and Panorama Centre was about 20 minute walk from my school and my father’s office was also nearby, Somewhere in 78-79 don’t remember the year that was the day I met a slim and skinny boy who was wearing DJ Science college uniform now is called Dr. Capt. ISA of ESSA to everyone in aeromodelling fraternity all over Pakistan. That was the day the Aeromodelling VIRUS penetrated fully in the veins and is still flowing through. At that time ISA(Essa) was flying on both field Malier and Korangi.

At Korangi field came across other fellow modelers like Khairasp, Kamal Butt, Jawaid Sotwala, K M N Feroze and his son and some more who vanished from time to time. On Malier field met with Zaheer Baig, Capt. Sarwat(my mentor), Capt. Sohrab, Farrukh Ikram(Millac Pakistan) and again Mr. Adeem.

When Hobby lobby was moved from Panorama Centre to Tariq Road in Karachi I was a regular visitor most of the days of week and sometimes use to make my models in the back where the workshop was situated from where Ahad Wali started his future carrier of amature r/c modelling and then other activates and Mr. Islam who is now in Dubai. My first JR radio was also bought at Hobby Lobby and a lot of other locally fabricated models including engines and fuel too.
Hobby Lobby have made a lot of young people aero modelers and some of them are now flying with PIA and Emirates like Tahir Usman, Dr, Essa and Aroosh. Most of the people who are flying R/C around Pakistan are all associated with Hobby Lobby and one stage Hobby Lobby promoted model flying in Cadet Colleges one of the example is Petaro and Cadet College Steel Mills too. I hope I have given you my r/c flying history and the passion is still there now am flying profiles from R/C factory and foamies.


  1. Kamal, a delight to read your article and I must salute your memory as you have mentioned all the names of modellers and places we used fly from. Thank you for revival of these cherished memories.
    Please continue writing small stories of some important happenings or funny moments on this site for us to enjoy. Warm regards.
    Capt. Sarwat Hussain

    Capt. Sarwat Hussain
    1. Thank you Sarwat Bhaie am honoured that you have read the memoirs however I missed to mention Musarat and Nusrat too. Zulfi and others yes I may keep on adding some more here cause I have so many funny stories regarding myself and others too. MISS ALL THIS HERE ????. I cherish all the friendship that I made during the flying.

      Kamal Shamsi

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