Jamal Iftikhar

It was around 1976-77 when I first visited Hobby Lobby. At that time it was located at Fortress Stadium in Lahore. I remember being in awe of the model aircraft on display. Adeem sb was very helpful and I ended up buying a control line plane. It was a piper Cherokee with a cox brand engine. In the days that followed, Adeem sb taught me and my brother how to fly it. My next airframe was a RC trainer. I recall sitting on Adeem sb’s motorbike clutching the trainer, on our way to the local park. After a few months Adeem sb moved to Karachi. I continued the hobby but after a couple of years lost interest. Then in 2002 I was told by a friend that Adeem sb is back and has a shop in Defence. When I visited the shop I found he had helis for sale as well. Since I always wanted to fly those, I requested him to assemble one for me. Once it was ready we went to the local park and I hovered the heli. Both of us were thrilled since it was a big thing for us. At the time there were hardly any heli fliers so for us it was quite an achievement!

In the next three years whichever heli or related equipment I required, he got that for me. Subsequently my interest developed towards flying 3D gassers. There also Adeem sb was extremely helpful as always. I believe all of us in this hobby owe him our gratitude. He started Hobby Lobby when there was no internet or online shopping. It was extremely difficult to order and get hobby related gear. Yet he stuck to it and as a result the hobby is alive today in Pakistan. Whether you are six or sixty years old, the thrill of buying, setting up and ultimately flying your aircraft never diminishes. I wish Adeem sb the very best. Hopefully he and Hobby Lobby will be around for many years to come.

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