Isa Khan

I am Muhammad Isa Khan and my passion is aeromodelling. Well, it actually developed in 1967 as Mansoor Bhai and Khalid Bhai would fly their control line models in an open plot behind my house and I would ask my mom to sit me on the wall to watch. Then in 1971, I made my first glider. It lasted less than the Wright brothers flight, was tail heavy but was my first model and the start of my passion.

In 1970-80, I saw a banner outside Panorama Centre Karachi saying Hobby Lobby. It became a routine for me every day returning from DJ college to check if the shop has opened or not for which I used to climb up the stairs to verify. Then one day I was delighted to see it was opened, there I met 3 gentlemen. I just kept standing at the shop enjoying their conversation, later they are still my best friends and Ustaads. Mr. Adeem the person who opened up the Hobby Lobby and is the pioneer of giving aeromodelling stuff to everyone, which was unimaginable to acquire in Pakistan. The other was Capt. Sarwat and the 3rd person was Capt. Sohrab Khan, all 3 the legendry names in Aeromodelling.

Adeem till today is doing wonders through Hobby Lobby in Pakistan and outside Pakistan, pride for my country in the international market of Aeromodelling.

… when I first visited the Hobby Lobby at Panorama Centre Karachi, I was studying at DJ Science College in pre-medical, then I joined Dow Medical College. I had passed MBBS in 1988, worked in hospitals till 1991, and then I became a commercial pilot in PIA. With Grace of Allah been practicing medicine and served PIA as a pilot for 30 years. Presently flying a Boeing 777, it was the aeromodelling that led me to fulfill my passion for flying.

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